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Person you most admire

Admiring Part Two
Why do we keep taking these stupid tests? Are we expecting different results?


Admiring Part One

Ok so I was taking one of those "personality" tests and they ask the question. My first thought came very quickly but on further thought, it was a strange person to admire (in a way). First thing, I should by all means not even like this person. Second, most think of people in his professional as, umm how to put it, unscrupulous. So not only is he my boss he is also an lawyer (there are good ones).

"My boss – He is kind, ethical, observant and generous.  Then it would be his wife (co-boss) who is motherly, caring and in charge."
Is what I said (sorry about the cartoon boss).
Boss qualities:
Kind= always has a nice thing to say and quick to smile
Ethical= never breaks a law (even stays under the speed limit)
Observant= he’s a great thinker and is always watching the world (he would have an interesting space- no time though)
Generous= shares his toys (I threw this in just in case he ever reads this jk)
Mrs. Boss qualities:
Motherly= always ready with the band-aid
Caring= a sympathetic ear
In charge= aka "The General"
Just random thoughts for today…
BTW: thanks boss for letting me bring home the laptop to work

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  1. Too funny! Have you ever taken Myers-Briggs? My boss and I are the same type, so why don\’t we like each other? LOL Thanks for stopping by my blog and posting a comment. I responded to your comment on my blog. Stop by anytime!

  2. Hi! Sorry I haven\’t been around much to visit but I\’m here now to catch up. It\’s nice that you like and admire your boss. Not many people do. I, for one, am in that category but so far my boss has not shown any of the characteristics that yours has. I recently worked for a company that had the motto, "Respect others, Have Fun, and Make Money". Unfortunately there are still people working there that are wondering what ever happened to the first two parts. We quickly found out that even with this motto, we were still numbers to our employers and would never be anything more.It is refreshing to see that someone actually works for someone they like and that helps for you to enjoy your work.

  3. Ah, hit the publish button too early….Also wanted to say thanks for stopping by place and I hope you come again. And thanks for giving me permission to use your pet letter. I will be sure to add a trackback to it so people will come by to say hi!Thanks very much!

  4. W: I went back into your archives looking for "Admiring Part One"….where is it? The law of 4/21 is enforceable throughout the entire Kingdom, not just in my home. The Kingdom = The Universe. lol


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