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My, my, how time flies! Not much has been accomplished during the past month. The kitchen got it’s second coat of paint and is now a rich green color. It looked very washed out with only one coat of paint. Pictures are coming – promise.


Well if anyone reads this then I am interested in opinions. You may find my explanation about how I ended up in this house back in the April 11th entry. I am seriously thinking about selling it now. I know it has only been a year since I bought it but…



1.        Too big

2.        Too much work to be done

3.        Busy intersection with lots of noise

4.        Cars throw trash in the yard

5.        Big grocery store across street (you think that would be a good thing)

The market for housing has skyrocketed in our area. I was told that the market went up by 15%. That would be a nice profit for a year investment. BUT I could never get such a bargain again (square footage for the price).

There are some things that would have to be accomplished to sell. First, when the hot water heater was replaced in October, the flooring in the kitchen was torn. It is an ugly eye sore that is right in front of the refig. So floor in the kitchen. Second, the ugly shed that hold "other" people’s shit need to be taken down. I fear the next wind storm or hurricane that the shed roof will take flight right through one of the large windows I have. Then there needs to be a little yard work (uggg), maybe some bushes to hide the ugly green base of the house or paint it. I bought a new mailbox to be put up so I need to pull out the old one that is next to the street. May want to replace the stove since it is harvest gold color and the frig is new.

If I do sell I hope to find a nice condo or townhouse to purchase. Hardest part is finding a place that Max will be accepted. Poor dog discriminated against because of his size.

So I have enjoyed contemplating selling that albatross. Home Depot sent me a card with a $1000 limit and six months no payments or interest. Should I fix up those few things and sell?



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