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 Yeah it comes around about once a year. Well my theory is that you can be any age you choose for your birthday and this year (at least for today) I’m 15 again. Don’t get me wrong, I would never want to go back but been feeling a little bit like a school girl of late.

This is my second day of celebration. Yesterday we had our customary $7 lunch and I received a ceramic ant bag. Very interesting. Sis gave me a bracelet (silver – good job sis) and we went shopping and she bought me a couple of tops. Mom gave me hand soap and lotion. WOO HOO I can clean myself now LOL. Son gave me a beautiful set of pots and pans (as I requested) as a mom’s day/b-day combo. Step-dad is gave me a candle set.

So, going out to dinner tonight on St Pete Beach. We are going to wander down the beach until we find a place to stop. Very casual. Just seemed more appealing to be casual this year. I want to sit at the tiki hut and drink a few beers and watch the sun  go down. Life in Florida is good. I haven’t made it to the beach yet this year either.

Have a great Friday the 13th

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