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The lack of progress

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Is the reason I haven’t written. Apparently the painting has thrown my shoulder into some type of dis-jointed state and is very painful. Thus, the lack of progress.

I did hang two of the many suns I have in my collection. They look fabulous! I keep meaning to take a picture of them to post. I was given a small orange with gold trim sun that is a candle holder. I put that on top of the tv and it really looks good with the yellow walls.

Still trying to decide what color to paint the end tables. Red would be too much and I don’t want the trim color since it matches the couch. Don’t want the wall color and have it blending in with the walls so I need to find another color. I was considering black weathered look. hmmmm Sort of like the photo from Pottery Barn (pic in album attaching is not working).

Now I am rearranging rooms. My sister is giving me her dining room set that will be too big for the small area that is now the dining room. So the living room (towards the front of the house) is now going to be the "formal" dining room. What is now the dining area will become a utility room for washer/dryer (which is currently in the family room). I’m going to move the small table and chairs into the family room (back of the house) for a small eating area.


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