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So I spent the weekend painting the living areas of my house. Two coats in the family room, one on the dining and livingroom.

The house is a split plan with a livingroom, bathroom, a porch (which has been a bedroom) and two bedrooms in the front – the kitchen and dining area in the middle and a family room and master bedroom/bath at the back of the house. It is really a big house and when I moved in there were lots of people living with me to fill all the bedrooms. Now just me and step-dad and the dogs. I did not like the house at all when I bought it in August 2004 (closed the day before hurricane Charley). We moved into it as a rental in 2003 because it had enough "space" for everyone. The landlord applied all the rent to the closing costs so it made it a very attractive deal so I bought it. BUT it needs alot of work!!!

Soon after buying the house I wanted to paint. The ex-boyfriend wanted to tear things down but he wasn’t very good at putting them back so I was trying to distract him by painting. I wanted a soft green color and he wanted blue. This went on for quite a while until I gave in and picked a blue. A blue I didn’t think he would actually buy but, you got it, he did. So it was a bright turquois blue. I was tempted to put a basket of sunglasses by the door for visitors. Now the strange thing is I have people saying they don’t remember the blue wall. So was it just me…

Now that I’m alone in it I feel as if I need to make it mine and to feel comfortable it it. So it has begun.

So why is it soo aganizing to pick a paint color? It’s only paint, right? So why did I have to go back to Home Depot on a Saturday morning to have the paint ligtened? And then it still was too dark? I started with a Parchment color and it was too gray. The room and I needed something with some pick up in it. I found that Benjamin Moore sells a small sample of paint. Really cool. I bought mine at Ace Hardware.

So I tried a few. I finally bought 309 Ambiance, which is a buttery color, for the livingroom, family room and dining area. I chose 481 dill weed (green) for the kitchen area which is very small protion (over the cabinets and one small wall). The family room will be trimmed with a gray-brown color. So now the search is on for trim paint. So all this means nothing unless you know that my couch is microsuede taupe (gray brown that sometimes looks olive color). I have curtains in a stripe of green, beige and red. I really like red and yellow together and with red being my favorite color, the curtains seemed to work.


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